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A loft conversion can make a big difference to almost any home. If your existing loft space is not offering you any practical value, then it is a good idea to consider turning it into something completely different – a room you can use for other purposes.

Lofts are a very versatile part of the home, but they often go ignored. Many people use their lofts as little more than a storage space, cramming old decorations and possessions up there to be forgotten. It is easy to forget that you even have a loft, and many people do not visit it more than once or twice a year.

Our loft conversion project services are the perfect solution, providing a huge range of options to use your existing roof space in a new and practical way. We can work with property owners all across the UK to deliver incredible bespoke loft conversion work, all of which can be further customised to the client’s needs.

But what kind of loft conversion might you want, and how can you choose a specific conversion option when there are so many on offer?

If you are looking for a professional loft conversion planning and installation team, then we can provide every service you might need. Contact us via the contact form below.

Below is a breakdown of the loft conversion options, types, and basic elements that might be important for anybody planning to turn their loft space into something useful.

Who Are We?

National Loft Conversions is a team of specialist loft conversion experts that have come together as one large loft conversion company. Our work always focuses on providing the best loft conversion options for each client we work with, offering bespoke conversion results for each situation.

We have taken on countless projects in the past, from simple small-scale attic conversions to entire refits of an existing roof. Whether you want extra loft space or an entirely new room, we can take on every kind of loft conversion and are fully prepared to offer the specialised services you need to get it all done.

Our work is carefully tailored to the needs of each client. We always aim to stick to your original vision and plan, only deviating when there is a better option that still suits your preferences. No matter how specific your requirements are, we can make sure that it becomes a real, physical addition to your home’s loft space.

Whatever you are looking for, we have the tools and skills to make it all possible. Even the most complex loft conversion project can become a lot simpler when our staff put their full focus on it, and we can salvage even the most mismanaged DIY loft conversion attempt. We are here to help, no matter the circumstances.

Why Choose Us for Your Loft Conversion?

We at National Loft Conversions can offer the best loft conversion options available. Whether you are sticking with popular trends or not, we know how to produce a loft space that is perfectly tailored to each client’s preferences, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

We do our best to deliver the best quality loft conversion results every single time, providing clients with something that meets their exact requirements – or even surpasses them. We have been able to work with clients of all shapes and sizes, matching all kinds of highly specific requirements to give them a conversion they are satisfied with.

Our experts can be as involved or as distant as you need them to be. If you just want our loft conversion experience during construction, then we can hold off on interfering too much. However, we are also more than happy to make our specialists a core part of the project from day one: from the creation of the initial plan to the final inspection.

Over 15 Years Experience Building Loft Conversions

With over 15 years of experience in the loft conversion industry, we have been able to build up a wide range of experience with different kinds of loft conversion projects. With countless past projects under our belt and a long list of testimonies from satisfied customers, we know what we are doing.

This experience has given our loft conversion specialists more time to develop their own niche talents, allowing them to provide even more effective conversion services. If you have a highly specific loft conversion idea in mind, we can provide the experts needed to get the project done quickly and correctly.

Accredited Loft Conversion Installation

The nature of our work means that accreditations are everything, and our loft conversion skills have earned us several company-wide loft conversion or construction certifications. As a fully licensed and certified company, we are able to take on a range of professional work beyond that of normal loft conversion contractors.

Types of Loft Conversions We Offer

A loft conversion project can take many forms, and there is not always a single best choice for each situation. A roof space could support several different kinds of conversion or even involve multiple different kinds of loft space that you would not ordinarily consider.

The kind of loft conversion we provide depends on your existing roof slope, shape and space. However, personal preference is also important – with so many types of loft conversion out there, the options you choose will change the kind of conversion results you get dramatically.

Here is a quick breakdown of the main types of loft conversion work, as well as further advice on how they can be used and what they are best at.

Dormer Loft Conversions

A dormer loft conversion is one of the most common across the UK, generally appearing on a terraced or semi-detached house. These conversions involve extending the roof upwards to create more headspace, effectively giving you a new room that pokes out of your existing roof slope.

Most dormer designs are simple, but this can make them a versatile option. While a larger dormer loft conversion project may have strict limits on how it can be constructed, it can still be a good way to turn unused roof space into a simple room.

Flat Roof Dormer

A flat roof dormer loft conversion is the most basic kind of dormer loft conversion: a new loft room is added, which has a flat roof that sticks out from the sloped side of your current roof. This provides more usable space since you are essentially turning a section of sloped roof space into a box.

Pitched Roof Dormer

Unlike a flat-roofed dormer loft, pitched roof conversions keep the existing roof space – as well as the shape of the existing roof structure. This means that you get less space but also do not alter the shape of your home’s roof at all.

Dormer Windows

Dormer windows are added to an existing pitched roof loft room. These windows stick out like a dormer conversion would, but only around the windows – this limits the amount of work that needs to be done while also providing simple, attractive-looking dormer window options.

Why Choose A Dormer Loft Conversion?

The average dormer loft conversion cost is going to be relatively low compared to other options. However, they also offer a surprising amount of floor space and can be used for a range of different purposes.

Despite being a basic loft conversion option. This type of loft conversion is one of the most versatile for creating a single room. The addition of dormer roof windows can be enough to make it a liveable bedroom, a usable hobby space, or even a home office.

Hip to Gable Loft Conversions

Hip to gable loft conversion jobs are meant to provide even more space than other options, both in terms of floor and head space. These are almost as common as dormer conversions but are installed on the side of the roof instead of the front.

While they follow the same basic idea as a dormer loft space, they involve big changes to provide more internal loft space, often requiring a structural engineer and some well-prepared plans.

Since they are installed on the side of the roof, this usually means that they are not suitable for terraced houses unless that house is on the end of the row or has a section of roof that points sideways.

Why Choose A Hip To Gable Loft Conversion?

The average hip to gable loft conversion cost might be higher than other options, but a good hip to gable loft conversion offers far more than you might think. The huge amount of space they offer can make them a practical choice for creating any kind of room, especially comfort-focused rooms such as bedrooms.

The added space makes them a great option for people who want to get something practical out of their loft conversion work. For example, not only can you turn part of your loft into a bedroom, but that bedroom will have enough space to be an actual furnished bedroom instead of a bare-bones spare room.

Mansard Loft Conversions

Mansard loft conversions target the entire roof, providing a loft extension that runs across your entire home. This makes them one of the largest-scale loft conversion options you have when it comes to extra space, and they can effectively turn your loft into an entirely new floor of your home.

Naturally, the average mansard loft conversion cost will be higher than other options. They also tend to require more construction work overall since a mansard loft conversion involves maximising space above all else.

However, a good mansard loft conversion can provide you with a huge amount of extra space in your home. While you often need to modify the roof structure, this does not make the mansard loft conversion any less practical for people who need more room in their homes.

Why Choose Mansard Loft Conversion?

As you might expect, mansard loft conversion work is going to provide more space than most loft conversions of other types, meaning that it is probably the best way to massively increase the amount of existing living space in your home. Not only that, but a mansard loft is still surprisingly versatile.

While you might need a structural engineer to provide the necessary plans – especially when things like load-bearing walls are concerned – the end result will always look amazing. You are basically adding an entirely new floor to your home, something that can be invaluable on a smaller property.

VELUX Loft Conversions

VELUX loft conversion projects are very simple and cheap compared to most loft conversions. Instead of altering the current roof structure, VELUX loft conversion work is all about adding windows and other basic features to make an existing loft liveable.

This means that you are mostly using the existing space as part of your loft conversion. You might add roof lights or windows for natural light or install some extra furnishings, but the end result is mostly just your existing loft with a few quality-of-life features added.

Why Choose VELUX Loft Conversion?

A VELUX loft conversion project is simple, straightforward, and often very affordable. This makes it the best way to get a lot converted into a living space quickly, keeping loft conversion costs low due to the simplified conversion process.

In many cases, this is simply a roof window or roof lights loft conversion: no actual changes are made to the structure of the space itself. This allows you to create top-floor habitable rooms with only a few basic additions, meaning low costs and short-notice conversion results.

L Shaped Loft Conversions

An L-shaped loft conversion will only work on certain kinds of home layouts, but the results are almost always worth it. These conversions are based around L-shaped homes: ones that have a garage, kitchen, or other room sticking out with a lower roof than the rest of the home.

Since these L-shaped homes rarely have anything above the sticking-out section, that is an entire area of a potential second floor wasted. If you want to maximise your home’s total space, then adding a new room there can be a very practical way to get the results you want.

Our L-shaped conversions are placed over the top of the sticking-out section of your home, allowing us to create a new room by extending your home and loft outwards into a new floor. This essentially gives that section of your home a second (or, in some cases, third) floor.

These can be a complex kind of loft conversion with a lot of different design elements to consider, so our specialists can take a while to fully break down what you would need. Every home is different, and no two L-shaped conversions are going to be identical.

Why Choose An L-Shaped Loft Conversion?

L-shaped conversions are surprisingly flexible and can be built over almost any other room. Being able to extend your loft in this way means that you can get some extra space if you have already converted your loft once before since this new conversion can be an extension.

There are a lot of different ways to approach an L-shaped addition, which means that a specialist loft conversion company like ours is important for these projects. While L-shaped spaces are incredibly versatile, the extension-like nature of these conversions makes them very hard to plan out.

Wrap Around Loft Conversions

Our wrap-around lot conversions provide a huge amount of space, giving you even more room to work with. This type of loft conversion project wraps around the outside of your roof, effectively replacing it with a box-like room that you can use for a whole host of different purposes.

Our experts can provide this kind of conversion to a very high standard of quality, making sure that the wrap-around section does not compromise the original roof structure. Wrap-around loft conversion work can be a great way to expand an existing loft space, on par with mansard conversions.

Of course, these also require a lot of planning to get right, which means that no conversion plan is going to be perfect initially. This is not the type of loft conversion that you can plan yourself without a third party – like our design specialists – helping you get it all correct.

Why Choose A Wrap-Around Loft Conversion?

While a mansard loft conversion might be more straightforward, wrap-around conversions are sometimes more suitable for particular types of houses. On top of that, this type of loft conversion is incredibly versatile since it provides an entirely new room area with a good amount of head height.

This means that you can treat wrap-around conversions like more of a spare room than a loft. Many other conversions still make the loft feel like a loft, but this is an exception, which can be important if you want to turn your loft into a living space or guest area.

Modular Loft Conversions

Modular loft conversion work can be some of the most complex on the market, and for a good reason. These involve creating prefabricated conversions off-site, which are then moved into position after the original roof is cut away. As you might expect, this is not an easy process.

Modular loft conversion projects can be effective under the right circumstances, though. The off-site preparation also means that the actual installation work is minimal, meaning very little disruption in your day-to-day life. You do not even really need to think about your loft until the new pieces are ready for installation.

However, as you might expect, the average modular loft conversion cost is quite high. A lot of these conversions can become even more expensive if you decide to choose a more creative design, meaning that they need to be planned and managed carefully to fit within a set budget.

Why Choose A Modular Loft Conversion?

Modular loft conversions are complex, but they are also fast – the process of installing the new loft can be up to eight times faster than a conventional loft conversion since most of the work is done ahead of time. This also means that the client is not as involved in the process.

This lack of disruption makes it a valuable option for people with busy schedules or who just do not want to have strangers working on their home for over a week straight. While you can’t change things throughout the process like you can with regular conversions, a good plan means that you will not necessarily need to.

Roof Light Loft Conversions

Roof light conversions are a very straightforward way of turning an attic or loft into a usable room. Adding roof lights (also known as skylights) to a loft allows it to satisfy one of the most important criteria for becoming an actual room – natural light.

These conversions are incredibly simple since they are focused entirely on adding these roof lights. Roof lights conversions obviously also require the loft room to be safe and suitable for regular use, but you are making almost no changes to the space’s structure or layout.

As you might expect, the overall roof light loft conversion cost you should expect to pay will be incredibly low. This makes this one of the cheaper options for converting your loft quickly but also forces you to work within the limitations of what you already have.

Why Choose A Roof Light Loft Conversion?

Roof lights attic conversions are straightforward and incredibly cheap, making them an ideal option for anybody who wants their loft converted quickly. While they do not offer much flexibility other than where you place the roof lights, they are also far from a bad choice.

Think of these conversions as the equivalent of adding some flooring or improving the furniture – it might not change much about the space, but it makes it more liveable. If you are not in a situation where a full loft conversion is possible yet, this can be a good compromise.

Loft Conversion Cost

Loft conversion costs can vary extensively. You should expect to pay different amounts depending on a huge range of factors, from the type of loft conversion you are choosing to the overall scale of each conversion project.

You will also have to deal with added costs from things like materials, installation times, third-party experts, bespoke design and planning work, and even small things like the number of windows you want. All of this adds up to a total cost that can be hard to predict.

Our loft conversion experts are able to take charge of your planning work and help you figure out a rough cost estimate for each proposed project. The most important part of planning a loft conversion is to understand the kind of costs you might need to deal with, and we can provide a loft conversion cost calculator service to help with it.

Dormer Lofts

Your typical dormer loft conversion cost will be lower than most other conversion types, hovering somewhere around £30,000 to £60,000 for a large-scale loft conversion. This naturally depends on the scale of the conversion, since some will cost far more than others.

Mansard Lofts

You will usually see a mansard loft conversion cost around £45,000 to £70,000 in total – often much more than that. Again, scale is important since a larger mansard loft can easily push higher than £70,000 as you start adding more and more details.


The UK average VELUX loft conversion cost tends to sit somewhere around £15,000 to £20,000 at the highest, although this once again depends on scale and scope. Some of the simplest VELUX loft conversion work can be far less – this cost estimate assumes that you are doing a full conversion to get the space ready for the windows.

Loft Conversion Plans

Conversions are only possible if you have a plan to follow. This often means coming up with a detailed conversion plan before the work even starts, and a lot of people are not actually prepared to do that themselves – either in terms of time investment, uncertainty about their conversion preferences, or their own planning skills.

Developing a solid loft conversion plan means looking at the available options and considering additional details that are not really standard for many conversions. While it might not sound all that important, even something as small as a unique window shape could have an impact on how the loft is designed.

For example, you might want a floor-to-ceiling window at one side of your dormer loft, acting as a full-size dormer window. This is definitely possible, but it also needs to be factored into the plan, since you are replacing a vertical wall with a sheet of glass that needs proper reinforcement.

Beyond that, plans also provide all of the necessary measurements to make the loft work. It might be easy to draw out the shape of a loft conversion, but getting each measurement accurate to your real-life home can be tough, and incorrect measurements can jeopardise an entire project.

Planning your Loft Conversion

We can help you get a grounded, well-prepared plan for your upcoming loft conversion project. Our experts are well-prepared to take on planning responsibilities, working with you to help you develop the perfect attic conversion plan for your needs.

We know how to provide incredibly detailed plans while also following relevant building regulations, the limitations of your home and your own personal preferences. We treat every conversion as bespoke, and that means following the wishes and needs of each client specifically.

Every one of our past conversions has been carefully planned, with the initial plan draft being reworked and tweaked to better suit the client’s needs. We also occasionally take client plans and adjust them to correct errors or to make sure that their idea will still work within the physical limitations of their home and property.

If you need help with planning your new conversion, then do not hesitate to get our experts involved. A good pan can be vital for making sure that your new loft is suitable for your intended purposes and that it is actually safe to use as a proper room in your home.

House Types That We Offer Loft Conversions For

Not all conversions are suitable for all kinds of homes, and certain house types might be limited on what kinds of loft conversion they can even get. This is an important factor to consider since it might completely change the kind of work you get done.

Your house design is not just going to influence the average cost you will pay for attic conversions but the design of your completed conversions overall. This naturally means that some options simply will not be possible or will not be practical enough to do on a budget.

Bungalow Loft Conversions

Bungalows only have one floor, which means that a bungalow loft conversion can add a huge amount of space relative to how much the property already has. The average cost might also be lower since the loft is only one floor up and thus requires less effort (and scaffolding) to reach.

We can offer all common types of loft conversion here and can help you get the bespoke attic conversion with want with ease. A bungalow is no different to a normal home in terms of the amount of flexibility your loft conversion can have.

Detached House Loft Conversions

Detached houses are standalone buildings, meaning that they can receive basically any kind of loft conversion work. This versatility means that we can help you plan out your preferred attic conversion idea, no matter how specific it might be.

Semi-Detached House Loft Conversions

A semi-detached house can usually enjoy every kind of loft conversion, although the fact that two homes are connected together means that there might be more limitations on what we can change. However, this also opens the way for more creativity.

One of the biggest concerns with semi-detached houses is the fact that both lofts may be connected, requiring extra steps and work to separate them properly.

Terraced House Loft Conversions

Terraced houses have the most restrictive design of all homes, but this does not mean that we can’t provide loft conversion solutions. Our experts can help you plan out the perfect conversion for your home, even if it is flanked by a house on each side.

Terraced homes might seem like they do not have a lot of room for conversions like this, but it just means that creative options are more important. We can help provide designs that will suit your home’s layout and boundaries perfectly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to have a loft converted?

A typical loft conversion can cost anything between £21,000 to £65,000 or more, depending on the scale you are aiming for. There are countless factors that can influence the average cost you should expect to pay for a conversion.

Remember that this average cost is not set in stone. Sometimes you will find shortcuts to bump your average cost down, but delays or unexpected problems could push your average cost even higher. Accounting for this in your plans is an important part of avoiding future budget issues.

Do you need planning permission to convert a loft into a room?

Many conversions are allowed under permitted development, meaning that planning permission is not necessary.

However, permitted development only goes so far – and when it is not an option, planning permission is important.

If you are doing anything that does not fall under permitted development, then planning permission is vital.

Getting planning permission can be important for anything that influences the exterior design of your home, and planning permission may also be needed for internal structural changes.

We can help you secure planning permission from your local planning authority. Planning permission is not just important for getting approved, though – planning permission also shows that you are meeting relevant building regulations.

The Party Wall agreement is also just as important as planning permission, except with more focus on your neighbours. Party Wall means that neighbours can object to changes that influence their own property – but we can plan around Party Wall problems to help you avoid these issues.

What is the cheapest way to do a loft conversion with an existing roof structure?

If you have the planning permission and building regulations cleared up, then the cheapest is usually a roof light conversion. These usually just involve installing a window, as well as any relevant warm roof insulation or cold roof insulation as necessary.

Are loft conversions worth it?

While building more first-floor habitable rooms as extensions can seem like a great choice in every situation, an attic conversion can be extremely worth it. The added benefits of converting a loft can come cheaper than you might think, and a conversion is always more affordable than an extension.

Loft space also tends to go unused, meaning that a conversion allows you to give that space a proper purpose.

Do I need an architect for loft space conversion?

An architect is almost always a good idea, and we can provide our own to help you through the planning process. Architects understand building regulations and have a good idea of how to plan out each loft, making them invaluable for the average homeowner.

Architects are especially important during the planning stage. For example, adding underfloor heating and floor joists to your design might seem easy, but you also need to know where to put floor joists.

Even if your loft is an empty box with an essentially flat roof, converting it yourself is not easy, and neither is planning out the conversion.

A good architect can understand stud walls, floor joists, loft stairs, roof trusses, natural light sources, underfloor heating in a space, wall-mounted sanitaryware, and a whole host of other features that you might struggle with.

From there, they can figure out how to add your chosen details or elements to your plan. Keep in mind that an architect is important for securing both planning permission and building regulations approval.

A building control inspector would need to check and see if your plan fits with building regulations – so you do not want that building control inspector to find hastily-drawn loft conversion stairs that violate multiple building regulations at once.


We can offer a huge range of conversion options that suit a whole host of different niches, allowing our clients to get the exact kind of loft they want quickly and conveniently.

Our staff are prepared to take on even the most complex loft conversion projects and are fully equipped to handle all kinds of conversion work.

If you are not sure what you are looking for, then talk with us to see what we can provide. Our experts are ready to help you plan out your perfect loft design.

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